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Did you know that Arusha National Park is home to the world's smallest giraffe species, the Maasai giraffe? Can you imagine encountering the captivating beauty of these diminutive giraffes?

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Arusha National Park

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Discover the Majestic Beauty of Arusha National Park.


Arusha National Park, Tanzania’s hidden gem and fondly referred to as “Serengeti’s little sister,” beckons adventurers with its mesmerizing landscapes and abundant wildlife. Baest Royal Adventures invites you to embark on a journey that promises an unforgettable and regal safari experience. Step into the heart of this compact yet diverse park, where nature’s wonders unfold, leaving you in awe.

Arusha National Park|Baest Royal Adventures

Enchanting Landscapes and Bountiful Wildlife.

Arusha National Park: A Hidden Gem.

Nestled in Northern Tanzania, Arusha National Park spans a modest 137 square kilometers. Don’t let its size deceive you, for within its borders lies a world teeming with remarkable biodiversity. Prepare to encounter graceful giraffes, majestic buffaloes, elegant zebras, and lively baboons as they roam freely amidst a captivating backdrop. The park’s rich tapestry is further accentuated by over 400 bird species, filling the skies with their vibrant hues. Every corner of Arusha National Park unveils a new marvel, from the enchanting wildlife to the diverse array of plant life that adds splashes of color to the landscape.

Arusha National Park|Baest Royal Adventures
Arusha National Park|Baest Royal Adventures

Scenic Splendor and Captivating Vistas.

Mount Meru: A Majestic Backdrop.

Arusha National Park is bestowed with an awe-inspiring treasure – Mount Meru. As Africa’s fifth-highest mountain, its grandeur dominates the horizon, providing a dramatic backdrop to the park’s landscapes. Prepare to be captivated by the sweeping views and surreal beauty that Mount Meru bestows upon the park, leaving an indelible mark on your safari experience.

Mount Meru|Arusha National Park|Safari

The Mesmerizing Momella Lakes.

Among the park’s many jewels, the Momella Lakes stand out as radiant gems. A series of seven shallow alkaline lakes, they offer a tranquil respite amidst the vibrant wilderness. Immerse yourself in their serene ambiance as you witness the delicate dance of flamingos adorning the lakes with their graceful presence. These stunning lakes are a testament to the park’s remarkable diversity, captivating both nature enthusiasts and avid photographers.

Arusha National Park|Baest Royal Adventures

The Gateway to Adventure.

Seamless Access and Convenience.

Arusha National Park is easily accessible, ensuring a seamless journey to this captivating destination. Just a short 40-minute drive from Arusha town, you’ll find yourself at the park’s entrance. International travelers can reach the park conveniently by flying into Kilimanjaro International Airport, located approximately 60 kilometers away. With reputable airlines such as Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways, and Ethiopian Airlines serving the airport, embarking on your royal safari has never been more convenient.

Arusha National Park|Baest Royal Adventures

Embrace the Adventure.

Unforgettable Experiences Await.

Arusha National Park beckons adventurers with a multitude of activities that cater to diverse interests. Prepare for exhilarating game drives, where you’ll venture into the heart of the park to witness the wonders of the wildlife up close. Majestic giraffes, powerful buffaloes, and graceful zebras traverse the diverse terrain, creating moments that will stay etched in your memory.

Arusha National Park|Baest Royal Adventures
Arusha National Park|Baest Royal Adventures

For those seeking an immersive experience, Arusha National Park offers exceptional hiking trails. Embark on the renowned Mount Meru trail, where you’ll journey through dense forests and conquer rugged terrains to reach the summit. The reward? Breathtaking panoramas that stretch as far as the eye can see, a testament to the park’s unrivaled beauty.

A Haven of Tranquility & Discovery.

Canoeing on Momella Lakes.

Find solace in the peaceful embrace of Momella Lakes as you embark on a tranquil canoe ride. Glide across the serene waters, taking in the captivating scenery that surrounds you. Witness the vibrant birdlife in their natural habitat, adding a touch of magic to your journey. Allow the gentle rhythm of the paddle to transport you to a world of serenity and discovery.

Canoeing|Momela Lake|Baest Royal Adventures

Unforgettable Accommodations.

Luxury and Comfort Amidst Nature.

Arusha National Park offers a range of accommodations to suit every preference, ensuring a comfortable and memorable stay. Indulge in the following exceptional lodges:

Arusha Serena Hotel: Immerse yourself in luxury within the park itself, savoring stunning views of Mount Meru and enjoying exceptional amenities.

Arusha Serena|Lake Duluti Serena|Baest Royal Adventures
Arusha Serena|Lake Duluti Serena|Baest Royal Adventures

Hatari Lodge: Nestled at the foot of Mount Meru, this boutique lodge offers stylish and comfortable accommodations, complemented by breathtaking surroundings.

Hatari Lodge|Arusha Safari|Arusha National Park|Baest Royal Adventures
Hatari Lodge|Arusha Safari|Arusha National Park|Baest Royal Adventures

Mount Meru Game Lodge: Experience tranquility just outside the park, as this peaceful lodge provides a variety of activities and amenities to enhance your stay.

Mount Meru Game Lodge|Arusha Safari|Arusha National Park|Baest Royal Adventures
Mount Meru Game Lodge|Arusha Safari|Arusha National Park|Baest Royal Adventures

A Royal Safari Experience Awaits.

Immerse Yourself in Arusha National Park.

Arusha National Park promises a safari experience fit for royalty. With its awe-inspiring landscapes, diverse wildlife, and an array of activities, it caters to the desires of adventure-seekers and nature-lovers alike. Embark on a journey that unveils Tanzania’s majestic wildlife and breathtaking vistas, creating memories that will last a lifetime.


Book your Arusha National Park safari with Baest Royal Adventures today and unlock the gateway to Tanzania’s wildlife and natural wonders. Allow yourself to be captivated by the park’s regal charm as you explore its diverse landscapes and encounter its enchanting wildlife. Arusha National Park awaits, ready to bestow upon you a safari experience of unparalleled beauty and royal splendor.

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