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Conquering Kilimanjaro:

Kilimanjaro Mountain|Baest Royal Adventures|Mountain Climbing|Tanzania

Awe, Exhaustion, Wonder, and Delight: The Kilimanjaro Experience.

A trek up to the top of Kilimanjaro has proved to be one of the most rewarding and incredible experiences that our guests have ever had. The testimonies of our climbers upon their return are filled with a captivating mix of awe, exhaustion, wonder, and delight. It’s an adventure that leaves an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of those who dare to take on the challenge.

Unwavering Support: Guides, Porters, and Cooks.

At Baest Royal Adventures, we take great pride in our exceptional crew of guides and porters. They go above and beyond to ensure that your journey is not only successful but also enjoyable. With their helpful and spirited nature, they create an atmosphere of camaraderie and support that will uplift you every step of the way. Additionally, our talented cooks prepare a bounty of fresh, tasty meals, tailored to fuel your body for the extreme exertion ahead. We cater to special menu requests, such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, kosher, and food allergies, ensuring that everyone’s dietary needs are met.

Safety and Well-being: Your Health is Our Priority.

Your safety and well-being are of paramount importance to us. Our guides are extensively trained in high levels of first aid and are certified Wilderness First Responders. Throughout your journey, they will monitor your oxygen levels, pulse, and blood sugar regularly, ensuring your health is in check. For added security, our guides carry emergency oxygen in case anyone requires immediate assistance. With Baest Royal Adventures, you can embark on this challenging adventure with peace of mind.

Summit Success: The Power of Motivation.

Kilimanjaro Mountain|Baest Royal Adventures|Mountain Climbing|Tanzania

Kilimanjaro Mountain|Baest Royal Adventures|Mountain Climbing|Tanzania

Kilimanjaro Mountain|Baest Royal Adventures|Mountain Climbing|Tanzania

Kilimanjaro Mountain|Baest Royal Adventures|Mountain Climbing|Tanzania

Kilimanjaro Mountain|Baest Royal Adventures|Mountain Climbing|Tanzania

Kilimanjaro Mountain|Baest Royal Adventures|Mountain Climbing|Tanzania

Kilimanjaro Mountain|Baest Royal Adventures|Mountain Climbing|Tanzania

With Baest Royal Adventures, the chance of reaching the summit is remarkably high. Our overall success rate of reaching the pinnacle with our guides stands at an impressive 98%. Our guides and mountain crew are not only knowledgeable and experienced but also exceptional motivators. Their positive spirit and uplifting songs have been instrumental in pushing climbers beyond their limits. Countless testimonies attest that without their encouragement and support, many climbers would have found the journey much more arduous or may not have reached the summit at all.

Responsible and Fair: Our Commitment to the Crew.

At Baest Royal Adventures, we are committed to the fair treatment of the porters and crew on Kilimanjaro. We hold ourselves to strict standards in over 10 areas of treatment criteria to ensure that our practices are responsible and fair. Every trip is thoroughly reviewed to ensure compliance with these standards. When you choose Baest Royal Adventures, you can rest assured that you are joining a company dedicated to a humanitarian cause. By being a part of our commitment, you make an honorable choice, contributing to the betterment of the lives of our mountain crew.

Embarking on a trek up Kilimanjaro with Baest Royal Adventures promises an adventure of a lifetime. Prepare to be amazed by the stunning landscapes, challenged by the rugged terrain, and supported by our exceptional team. Experience the thrill of conquering Africa’s highest peak while knowing that you are part of an organization committed to your safety, the welfare of its crew, and the preservation of a shared humanitarian vision. Choose Baest Royal Adventures and let the journey begin.

Our private climbs can start on any day of the year that you choose. Each group can make the decision whether to open it up for others to join. We will never add others to your private group without your permission.

These climbs are priced on per person basis according to the group size. 

Machame- 6 days2507206019791893186518551853184518421824
Machame- 7 days2815232822492168212821132104211021022087
Lemosho- 6 days2942241123402277223722152202220421912174
Lemosho- 8 days3224266526212598257925562536253825192491
Lemosho- 9 days3504297529352909287028432824281928002774
Machame- 5 days2118172016651616158615701546155215471533
Rongai- 6 days2481202419631907187118541825183018241808
Rongai- 6 days2524219320521996194419321921192519151898
Rongai- 7 days2814238623402277223722152202220421872174

Embark on the ultimate adventure with Baest Royal Adventures and climb Mount Kilimanjaro with ease! Our all-inclusive trekking package includes everything you need for a safe and comfortable journey to the top.

The Trekking Price Includes:

  • Accommodation in Moshi one night before and one night after the trek (B&B plan) check out time is 10:00 hrs (late check out charge is $65).
  • Return Airport Transfers -To and from Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO).
  • Private toilet tent(s) — 1 tent for every 7 climbers (not used on Marangu Route).
  • All government fees and Taxes for the National park.
  • All meals and water while on the mountain.
  • All salaries for guides, assistant guides, chef, porters.
  • Return Transport to and from the park gate.
  • Oxygen for altitude sickness emergencies.
  • All camping equipment (tents, tables, chairs, cooking equipment, dining tent, mattress… everything but your sleeping bag.)

The Trekking Price does not Include:

  • Sleeping bag – please bring your own or rent one from our equipment rental shop.
  • Clothing & equipment listed on the climb packing list.
  • International flights & Visas.
  • Travel Insurance (we require all clients to have medical and evacuation coverage).
  • Mountain climb staff tips.
  • Meals not in hotel plan or climb package.
  • Drinks and dining rooms tips.
  • Personal travel and baggage.
  • Telephone bill.
  • Laundry bills.
  • Any items of a personal nature.

Note: For private groups with an even number of participants, the price is based on double occupancy in the hotel in Moshi and on the mountain. Private rooms/tents are available at an added price. Single room supplement is $50. Single tents are available at an added cost of $100/tent.

Don’t miss out on this incredible adventure with Baest Royal Adventures – contact us now to book your trekking package to Mount Kilimanjaro!

Make your trek to Mount Kilimanjaro even more luxurious with Baest Royal Adventures’ optional luxury add-ons. Treat yourself to a more comfortable and pampered experience with our selection of upgrades.

Optional Luxury ADD ONS:

  • Luxury mattress – (3 inch thick as opposed to 1.5 inches, 2.5 feet wide as opposed to 2 feet wide): $35/climb.
  • Higher profile tent = $40/tent.
  • Camp Cot : $150/cot + requires higher profile tent to be rented.
  • Post climb massage: $20/half hour.
  • Single tent $100 per climb.
  • Hot water bottle: (on request).
  • Post Trek Laundry Service: $10/kg.
  • Day Pack Porter: $10/day.

Indulge in these luxury add-ons to enhance your Mount Kilimanjaro trekking experience. Contact us now to add these options to your package with Baest Royal Adventures.

Baest Royal Adventures provides tipping guidelines to help you show appreciation to your guide, assistant guide, chef, and porters for their hard work and dedication during your trek to Mount Kilimanjaro.

Tipping Guidelines:

  • Guide – $20 to $30 per day
  • Assistant Guide – $15 to $20 per day
  • Chef – $15 to $20 per day
  • Porters – $5 to $7 per day per porter

Out of the group of porters, some will have additional duties during the entire climb such as tent master, waiter, and toilet attendant (if using private toilet tents). We suggest giving an additional amount of $3/day to these porters. There will also be summit porters who will have additional duties during summit day only. We suggest $20/trip per summit porter.

These tips are paid as a group rather than by each climber. For example, in a group of 5 climbers, each climber would contribute $4 – $6/day for the guideā€™s tip. As the very nature of tipping, it is at your discretion to vary from the amounts. After the climb, we welcome feedback about the staff and tipping.

For a complete guide to the entire tipping process, you can read the article on our website .Show your appreciation to our hardworking and dedicated staff with a well-deserved tip.

Examples of climb staff numbers:

  • For a solo climb you would typically have 1 guide, 1 cook and 5 – 6 porters.
  • For a group of 2, you would typically have 1 guide, 1 assistant guide, 1 cook and 8 to 10 porters.
  • For a group of 3, you would typically have 1 guide, 1 assistant guide, 1 cook and 12 to 14 porters.
  • For a group of 5, you would typically have 1 guide, 2 assistant guides, 1 cook and 17 – 19 porters.
  • For a group of 8, you would typically have 1 guide, 3 assistant guides, 1 cook and 25 – 27 porters.
  • For a group of 10, you would typically have 1 guide, 3 assistant guides, 1 cook and 30 – 33 porters.

The number of porters will depend on the total weight of all gear – including tents, food, utensils, climb staff gear, etc. By park regulations, each porter is allowed to carry no more than 20kg and we suggest that you carry approximately 5kg in your day pack, including 3 to 5 liters of water.

With this in mind, packing efficiently is important. You will be going through several climate zones during the trip so dressing in layers is important. We strongly suggest that you use the packing list provided by Baest Royal Adventures. Before the beginning of the climb, we will go through an equipment check with you to make sure that you are properly prepared.

In terms of equipment, Baest Royal Adventures has the largest selection of rental equipment in the area. You will enjoy a discount on anything you have to hire. The price list for the equipment is available upon request. As an example, if a climber needed to rent all the clothing and equipment it would cost a certain amount based on our client pricing.

We require you to have insurance coverage for emergency medical expenses covering non-technical treks/hikes up to 6,000m altitude. There are many travel insurance companies that will sell you this coverage. In most cases, if a client cannot continue due to altitude sickness, simply descending will alleviate most symptoms. In cases where a climber cannot descend by walking, the national park has stretchers available for use. These are supported by one wheel and are not at all comfortable. The park is in the process of discontinuing these. We are now including a portable stretcher to be available for all of our climbs. Helicopter rescue is available in case of a serious emergency, this will allow one to be transported quickly via helicopter off the mountain to the hospital. We do not endorse any particular insurance company and we are fortunate that we have had little interaction with them except for delayed luggage claims. But among the popular providers are: World Nomads, Ripcord Rescue, Global Rescue, Generali, and Europ Assistance.

If another member of your climb cannot continue, this will not affect your ability to continue. Even with a group of 2 people there will be an assistant guide. A group of 5 people has 2 assistant guides, a group of 8 will have 3 assistant guides. Each assistant guide is well trained to handle emergencies. If a climber cannot continue, an assistant guide (or head guide, depending on the severity) will take care of the climber with some porters while the others continue the climb. Having assistant guides also means that there is no pressure on climbers who are slower walking than others in the group to trek faster than they like. All Baest Royal Adventures mountain head guides will have a walkie talkie for communication on our own private channel with our office.

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